Luxury Rail Trail Bicycle

A comfortable and reliable bike is essential when riding the Otago Central Rail Trail.  To ensure maximum comfort we have custom built our own Luxury Bicycle - available exclusively for our Luxury Rail Trail Tour clients..


 Driven by passion and empowered by technology

We have combined elite light weight technology with the most comfortable and safe up-right riding position to create a true luxury cycling experience.  

What makes our Luxury Bicycle the most comfortable and easiest bike to ride on the trail ...

Step Thru Frame - Our light aluminium step thru frame makes getting on and off your bike a breeze.  

Light Weight Wheels - Amazingly easy to accelerate and climb hills.   

Comfort Gel Seat - We designed our own anti chafe gel seat for your comfort.  We also provide a gel seat cover for those wanting some extra gel!


Raised Handlebars - Our extra light (280grams) and strong handlebars with extra lift and angle take weight off your hands, tension away from your shoulders and create a nice up-right cycling position.


Ergonomically Designed Grips

Comfortable handlebar grips to minimise pressure on your hands.

Suspension - Front suspension forks and seat post suspension makes for a smoother more comfortable ride and increased control on rougher terrain.

Pedals - Large light weight Rail Trail safety pedals allow for lots of grip when cycling.  

Sealed Bearings - We have used sealed cartridge bearings in the steering, pedals, Prolite hub and axle system to create a beautifully smooth, reliable and quiet cycling experience.

Bottle Cage - Hydration is essential especially on warmer Central Otago days, so we have mounted the bottle cage in a safe and easy to reach position.

Onboard Computer - If you need to know how far you have gone or how far to go, just check the distance on your computer mounted on your handlebars.

Lights - LED lights to ensure safety in the tunnels.

Panniers - Our panniers are easy to put on and take off making it easy to carry your panniers into your accommodation each night. 

“Great reliable bikes, well organised trip with excellent accommodation and extra tours and trips.”


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