A Luxury Rail Trail Tour to suit you ....

At Luxury Rail Trail Tours we love cycling and we love Central Otago! From the stunning scenary and fascinating history to the award-winning Central Otago Wines - we love it all and we want to share it with you.  We specialise in Luxury Tours, ensuring that you experience the very best Central Otago has to offer.



From a taste of luxury to the ultimate first class experience - we have a range of tours to suit you and your budget.  Choose from one of our tours or contact us so we can custom design a Luxury Rail Trail Tour to suit you.

What Luxury Rail Trail Tours will do for you 

  • We will arrange for you to be picked up from Queenstown or Dunedin and transported to the start of the Rail Trail - Clyde or Middlemarch.  
  • We will arrange your LUXURY accommodation along the Rail Trail
  • We will arrange your LUXURY hire bike
  • We will arrange for your luggage to be transferred each day to your accommodation
  • We will arrange off-trail activies to suit your group.
  • We will send you a Luxury Rail Trail Tour Package one month prior to your tour commencing. 

Your Package will include a detailed tour itinerary, transport and accommodation vouchers, luggage tags, important Rail Trail Information including a list of items to bring with you, a Otago Central Rail Trail Guide Book, a Rail Trail DVD and your Rail Trail Passports.

Where to start - Clyde or Middlemarch?

You can cycle the Otago Central Rail Trail in either direction - Middlemarch to Clyde or Clyde to Middlemarch.  There is no right or wrong or easier way to cycle the trail and there are pros and cons for starting at either end.  We suggest choosing the direction that best suits your travel arrangements.  

If cycling from Middlemarch to Clyde we suggest flying into the Dunedin Airport and out of the Queenstown Airport.

If cycling from Clyde to Middlemarch we suggest flying into Queenstown Airport and out of the Dunedin Airport.  

How many days will I need to cycle the Rail Trail?

We recommend cyclng the Rail Trail over at least five days.  Five or more days allows for a relaxed and enjoyable cycle holiday without feeling sore, tired and rushed.  Having a rest day in the middle of your tour is a great idea and allows more time for you to explore Central Otago.

Will my dietary requirements be catered for?

Yes, the Rail Trail can cater for all dietary requirements.  If you have a special dietary requirement please let us know and we will ensure your dietary requirement is catered for a long the Rail Trail.

What happens if I get tired and can't cycle any further?

At any stage during your Luxury Rail Trail Tour you can contact us and we will arrange for you and your bike to be transported to your next location.  We will take care of all the organising so you don't have to worry about a thing.

What happens if the weather is not pleasant for cycling?

If you are a fine weather cyclist and the weather does not suit your riding conditions just contact us and we will arrange for you and your bike to be transported to your next location.




“It was great being able to turn up knowing all arrangements were in place and all we had to do was bike! The arrangements were all highly satisfactory – couldn’t fault any of the accommodation or meals".




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